Our Programme

Comprehensive 3-Month Addiction Recovery Programme

We’ve built our recovery programme on a foundation of respect, dignity, and compassion. Our serene setting provides the perfect backdrop for recovery. Our experienced team works closely with each client to take care of individual needs and help them begin a life of lasting recovery.

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Our Approach

We Care About the Whole Person

We take into account the individual needs of each of our clients and give them the tools they need to change. We do this by focusing our efforts on the effects that addiction has on the whole person—mind, body, and spirit.

Treating the Mind

Addiction is often accompanied by a mental illness. We offer dual diagnosis treatment where our staff psychiatrists and psychologists help each client overcome the mental effects of addiction.

Respecting the Body

Addiction has an effect on the entire physical state. Our approach to treatment integrates exercise and a variety of outdoor activities to help each of our clients learn how to take care of their bodies, and develop healthy habits that will follow them into life after treatment.

Understanding Spiritual Principles

Our programme uses the 12 Steps as a guide to the recovery process. We will work to instill spiritual principles like honesty, hope, faith, integrity, and discipline in our clients. Participating in our spiritual therapy is optional.

Our Team

We Have a Dedicated, Caring Staff

With experienced psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and professional nurses on staff, we offer a truly multidisciplinary approach to recovery. Included on our team are senior members, many of whom have walked their own road of recovery and are able to guide others to freedom through sharing their own experiences.

The Treatment Experience

Committed to Your Long-Term Success

Through a variety of constructive and developmental activities, our experienced counselors will establish trust with their clients, help them practice sober living during treatment, and give them the tools they need for long-term recovery.

Individualised Treatment Plan

We work with each client to develop a treatment plan personalised to their long term treatment needs.

One-on-One and Group Counseling

In addition to daily 12-Step group therapy, our clients work one-on-one with experienced psychologists, spiritual counselors, social workers, and addiction treatment therapists.

Routine Medical Examinations

Throughout treatment, our medical staff and partners will regularly check-in on your physical and mental health to ensure a comfortable and effective recovery.

Family Therapy and Education

We understand that addiction affects the entire family, so we offer opportunities for family members to come visit and participate in family counseling and education sessions.

Art Therapy

We use art as a form of expression and communication during recovery. This can be an effective outlet for clients who have experienced significant trauma or loss.

Adventure and Outdoor Activities

We want each of our clients to develop healthy habits. Our sporting opportunities help foster a more active and healthy lifestyle. This acts as an effective stress outlet during treatment.


Ongoing Care After Leaving Treatment

After completing a programme at White River Recovery Centre, many of our clients return to the same situation they left 3 months earlier. This can be a challenging transition. So we offer each client ongoing counseling and therapeutic support as they return home from treatment.

Common Questions About Our Programme

We are not a detox facility. However, we can facilitate detoxification when needed off-site at a private hospital in Nelspruit under the supervision of a psychiatrist (not included in the fees). Alternatively, detoxification can be facilitated at one of our local government hospitals at a nominal additional fee. Please contact us for further details and bookings.

The Recovery Centre at White River is a long-term addiction treatment centre. The recommended minimum stay is 3 months; however, clients sometimes stay for up to 12 months.

Recovery Centre at White River follows a comprehensive treatment approach using the traditional 12-step recovery method; coupled with therapeutic activities which help restore balance in your life and build your self-worth.

The traditional recovery programme is modified to your individual needs; a treatment plan is created in consultation with the counsellor and consulting psychologist and with your buy-in to the addiction treatment process.

The approach is multi-disciplinary; you’ll have individual and group therapy facilitated by a qualified addiction counsellor as well as a psychologist or psychiatrist and participate in therapeutic activities such as art and music therapy, mindfulness and psychodynamics.

The staff at Recovery Centre in White River have walked their own addiction path and have personal insight into just how difficult the road to recovery is. They’ll walk it alongside you on your recovery journey; offering you their personal, undivided attention and providing you with the tools to identify “why” you use substances to mask pain from past trauma and deep-rooted emotions which trigger disruptive behaviour and substance abuse.

Fitness and health are key to the recovery process and you are encouraged to participate in the therapeutic activities designed to restore balance to your life and build your self-esteem. This means getting up early in the morning to exercise, eating three healthy meals a day and going on leisure and adventure activities in the beautiful Lowveld region.

The treatment programme at the Recovery Centre at White River is founded on the pillars of respect, dignity and compassion. The serene environment provides a safe and peaceful setting which is the perfect backdrop for recovery. A team of professionals with decades of experience in treating addictions works closely with each person with an individualised treatment programme created to ensure a life of lasting recovery.